The Ultimate Travel Guide to Verona, Italy

If you’re looking for a city rich in history, consider traveling to Verona, Italy. This smaller city has often lovingly been nicknamed “Little Rome” because it has so many ancient structures and tons of history packed into it.

From their arena to the city square and the setting of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, Verona has so much to offer! This city of love is the perfect place to spend some time when in Italy.

In this guide, we will share everything you need to know to plan your trip to Verona. We will talk about Verona as a whole, share some travel tips, and give you ideas for things to do and places to stay! It’s a wonderful spot, and the area is absolutely beautiful.

Take the time to take it all in. Read on before you start planning your trip.

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About Verona

Verona is in the Northern part of Italy, in the region that is known as Veneto. It’s a great little spot, and there are many well-known locations that are within 1-2 hours of the area as well.

Lake Garda is just about 45 minutes away, and Venice is about an hour and a half. You can fly directly into Verona thanks to their airport, but you can also fly into one of the larger cities in Italy and take a train or a car if you prefer. Milan would be your choice in this case.

It’s easy to head to the surrounding areas you want to experience with a train or a car as well. Verona is full of life with architecture that is set in the Renaissance ages and will most certainly impress.

You can also find many relics of Roman architecture, which is where the “little Rome” nickname comes from. As of 2000, Verona was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, and these things are what make it such.

You will find stellar views, incredible Italian culture, and so much more. It’s not considered a huge city, but it still houses more than 250,000 people. Since it is smaller, it’s easy to walk around.

You can stay here or simply take a day trip here thanks to the close proximity of everything. Stay as little as a day or as much as 5-7 nights, and have a great time!

Things to Do in Verona

Verona attractions at night

There are plenty of great things to enjoy in Verona, but the Arena really needs to be at the top of your list. This is one of the highlights of the area, so don’t skip it!

You might consider using the Verona card if you plan to visit a lot of tourist spots. This card does cost but grants you access to many attractions. The card has some other perks as well. This is not required but may be useful depending on what your plans are!

These are some of our top recommendations for things to do in Verona!

  • Verona Arena
  • Torre dei Lamberti
  • Piazza Bra
  • Romeo and Juliet settings
  • Giardino Giusti
  • Museo di Castelvecchio
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Verona Arena

If you see nothing else in your time here, be sure to explore the Verona Arena. This architectural masterpiece is similar in style to the Colosseum in Rome, and it’s absolutely impressive.

The amphitheater is still in use for things like the Verona Opera Festival and many other shows and festivals throughout the year.

Try to get to the arena pretty early in the day, as the lines can get long, especially during the busy seasons of Italy.

Torre dei Lamberti

This impressive tower is around 275 feet tall and definitely stands out here. You should climb to the top just for the phenomenal view of Verona and the surrounding areas. There is an elevator, but many people opt to climb the 368 stairs to reach the top.

The sunset from the top is utterly amazing but book your time slots ahead as this is a popular time to visit.

Piazza delle Erbe

Piazza delle Erbe is just one of the great squares that make up parts of the old town of Verona. In addition to this one, you can also visit Piazza Bra and Piazza del Signori. They are pretty close together, so you can visit them all at the same time.

There is a lot of history and some really great views to enjoy. Piazza delle Erbe is one of the oldest locations in the city, so be sure to take it in!

Romeo & Juliet Settings

If you come to Verona, you must pay tribute to the classic locations that are part of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. Probably the most famous site in the area is Juliet’s home and her balcony.

There are even celebrated holidays that take place right underneath the balcony. You can visit Romeo’s house as well, although it is not as well-known.

Don’t forget to take some pictures to document the sites!

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Giardino Giusti

Off the traditional beaten path of Verona, you will find this Italian garden art gem. Rather than historical buildings and architecture to gaze at, you will find a garden that is covered in artistic creation.

The historical garden still brings you a bit of Renaissance history but with a whole new approach. If you trek up to the pavilion, you will be rewarded with a phenomenal view of Verona from a slightly elevated viewpoint.

Museo di Castelvecchio

If you’re looking for something to do indoors, check out this art museum in Verona. This particular museum rests inside a castle complex, giving you a unique experience within a castle so you get the best of both worlds.

There will be paintings from many historical periods to check out. On the same grounds, you will find Ponte Scaligero, which is a medieval bridge. Check out the Arco dei Gavi while you’re here as well.

Places to Stay in Verona

Verona in Summer

There are many great places to stay while in Verona as well. This guide’s focus is not to review local hotels but rather to give you some inspiration for places you might want to check out.

Here are a few of our top recommendations for accommodation in Verona:

  1. Hotel Milano (right by the arena)
  2. Palazzo Monga (18th-century structure and design)
  3. Relais Balcone di Giulietta (B&B near Juliet’s house)
  4. Hotel Bologna (affordable stay)
  5. Locanda al Vescovo (designed for romance)

These are only a few options, but you will find that there are multiple choices. Whether you’re heading to Verona for a special occasion, with the family, to see the opera, or just to explore the area, you can find a nice hotel, villa, or even a B&B that suits your needs.

Consider the things you want from your stay before you book. Some hotels have restaurants, spas, gyms, and more, allowing you to choose what appeals to you.

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Places to Eat in Verona

Another important aspect of your trip will be to get delicious food while you’re here. There are many great choices for eating delicious meals. Verona is most known for dishes like polenta, risotto, gnocchi, and tortellini, but you will find other things as well.

Try some of these foods in Verona, Italy:

  • Pescheria I Masenini: seafood dishes and Italian delights
  • II Desco: Michelin star restaurant
  • Torcolo: mixed meats, savory sauces, and red wine
  • Trattoria Pane e Vino: homemade bread, house wine, pasta, and more
  • Antica Trattoria dall’Amelia: local eatery with Italian pastas and flavors

All throughout Verona, you can find many delicious stops. Some can get pricey and may require reservations, while others are walk-in friendly.

Always be sure to check for reservations before you go!

Here you can find our list of the best restaurants in Verona.

Enjoy the History and Culture in Verona

Verona is a spot that deserves at least one day of your attention. It’s a beautiful location with many different focal points to enjoy. It’s great for a laid-back day, although it can get pretty busy during the peak seasons.

Enjoy food, culture, history, and all that the city has to offer.

Where will you go first?

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Is It Worth Visiting Verona, Italy?

Verona is a major part of Italy and is definitely worth the experience. There is so much history and area to explore here! It has become one of the most visited cities in Italy.

Is Verona Nicer Than Venice?

Verona and Venice are two very different locations. Venice seems like a major hotspot for a reason. It's often crowded. Verona is a lesser-known gem but quite unique in comparison.

What Are the Must-sees of Verona?

Definitely visit the Arena, the different piazzas, the tower, and Juliet’s house and balcony, of course.

How Many Days Should You Spend in Verona?

If you’re trying to squeeze in a lot in a small time frame, you can see Verona in a day or two. However, spending 3-5 days there gives you more time to take it all in. It just depends on your travel plans.

Can You Stand on Juliet’s Balcony in Verona?

Yes, you most certainly can! Just be aware that the line fills up quickly so you will need to plan ahead and probably get there early.