The Best Restaurants in Capri – Enjoy Delicious Traditional Cuisine!

Italy is known for its delicious food, and they have traditional ways of making dishes that really pull out the most amazing flavors. If you’re heading to Capri, you’re going to want to be familiar with the best restaurants in Capri so you can decide where you want to enjoy those delicious foods.

From homemade pastas to delicious fresh seafood, or even a wine bar, you will find a wide variety of food selections to choose from in Capri.

Get ready for a vast selection of dinner choices, with amazing views, unique flavors, or even quick meal restaurants when you need them.

In this guide, we will share all of the best restaurants to choose from on the island of Capri. We hope you’re hungry! If not, after this article, you definitely will be.

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The Best Restaurants in Capri for Any Preference

Whether you’re looking for a striking dinner location with a breathtaking sunset view, you want a tasty Caprese salad, or you want to experience a famous restaurant in the area, you won’t be walking away hungry.

There are so many different restaurants to choose from, and they all have great choices. From irresistible desserts to finger food to fine food and everything in between.

Check out these awesome restaurants to try out in Capri, Italy!

  1. Da Gemma
  2. Lo Smeraldo
  3. Pulalli
  4. Tonino
  5. Le Grottelle
  6. Da Paolini
  7. Da Gelsomina
  8. II Geranio
  9. Villa Verde
  10. La Zagara

1. Da Gemma – Marina Grande & Homemade Pasta

Da Gemma restaurant in Capri

This Marina Grande spectacular is perhaps one of the best restaurants in Capri if you want traditional recipes, delicious wine, and some of the best Capri dining around. Enjoy the breathtaking sunset, relax in the cozy space, and enjoy this hidden gem along the coast.

Da Gemma serves Neapolitan traditional sweet delicacies and is known for their Capri Mediterranean cuisine. Each famous pasta dish is made by hand.

The family has owned this restaurant since 1912, so you’ll enjoy each traditional recipe made with skilled hands.

They accommodate bay vegetarian needs as well as vegan and even gluten-free options.

2. Lo Smeraldo

Lo Smeraldo

If you’re looking for the best traditional sea dishes prepared fresh and just for you, try out Lo Smeraldo!

This family-owned location specializes in Capri fish cuisine, and they have some of the best Capri seafood delicacies you will find in the area.

The restaurant has a unique wine-tasting experience, offering both national and international wines to pair with your meal.

They are also located in Marina Grande and will give you excellent Capri food, panoramic views, and some great wine too!

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3. Pulalli

Pulalli Capri

Pair excellent fresh seafood dishes with traditional recipes that include pasta, and you’re in for a treat. This restaurant offers one of the best island treats, homemade pastas.

Their prices are very reasonable if you feel some places are more than your checkbook can handle.

Enjoy fresh fish, delicious pastas, a stunning view, and plenty of wine. Their tasting menu will leave you wanting more. We highly recommend enjoying their exquisite seafood flavor cocotte if you get the chance!

The delicious dishes and welcoming atmosphere will not disappoint.

4. Ristorante da Tonino

Ristorante da Tonino

Head to a local favorite that isn’t so packed with tourists. Tonini is one of the Capri historic eats that has been there for more than 30 years now.

The chef is astronomical, and the restaurant specializes in fresh food no matter what you order. They use a traditional recipe dine with a contemporary twist stroll on your palette.

Does it get much better than that?

Here, they even make things like bread and pasta from scratch every single day. That means you are always getting the best and the freshest options.

The chef learned from Hotel Villa Marina Capri and brought his excellence with him to share.

In addition to the Anacapri unforgettable food, their Anacapri countryside taste delivery has earned two Michelin stars for this and several other restaurants in the area.

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5. Le Grottelle

Le Grottelle restaurant

Forget the Capri palace locations or the common beach club hot spots. Instead, head over to this hidden selection that is right in the heart of Capri.

You will get an amazing view paired with amazing food and an excellent wine cellar collection as well. They specialize in authentic Italian food, rather than the traditional seafood you find on the coast.

That being said, you must try the delicious homemade ravioli capresi. It’s a ravioli in their special sauce paired with prawns, mussels, or a side of octopus. They include roasted mozzarella too. The ravioli is handmade with traditional practices.

6. Da Paolini

Restaurant in Capri

Da Paolini has amazing food, and they are highly rated. But they are known for the lemon grove overlooking their dining area. You will be seated under gorgeous flowering lemon trees in the midst of that lemon grove. The lemon trees provide a stunning view and a wholly unique atmosphere.

Of course, the lemon trees also produce fruit that is used for the restaurant’s lemon desserts and lemon risotto dishes. This is one of the best restaurants in Capri and one of the best experiences too.

Many celebrities visit, and it makes a great romantic dinner location. The restaurant boasts one of the most unique experiences, and in the distance, you can see just the blue waters that span around the island.

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7. Da Gelsomina

Capri restaurant

Try a Naples pizza baked to perfection at this sweet restaurant in Capri. The restaurant overlooks the water and has a setup that is unusual for many other choices. You can enjoy a romantic dinner with candlelight and ocean scenes.

Choose from the tasting menu to experience their wine collection.

This is a beloved local restaurant, and it’s part of a bed and breakfast in the area. You can stay right there on-site or just come in for a tasty meal. This Capri dining location offers pizza stuffed with the works, a wonderful courtyard reserve wine list, and even some gluten-free options as needed.

8. Il Geranio

Il Geranio restaurant

II Geranio is known for fine food at a top-class dining location. Enjoy peaceful silence in a secluded location in Capri. Your Capri view will include the sea, the rocks, and vegetation too.

It’s a well-rounded view that you won’t want to miss. Their Capri dishes include fresh fish, pastas, roasted mozzarella, and plenty of other cuisine choices as well.

Did we mention the stunning food, the bright terrace, and the overlook of Burr Ridge? They also offer food, and excellent catering service to provide you with an unforgettable wedding party or any other special occasion.

You get all of this for an affordable price compared to some other Capri restaurants.

9. Villa Verde

Restaurant Villa Verde

Enjoy dinner in a private garden with access to the whole wine cellar to pair with your meal. Villa Verde is all about the taste and the experience. The garden view is so stunning that they serve lunch and dinner at this location.

Enjoy your meal in the courtyard, and you can even dine in that cellar we mentioned. They have a wide selection of wines to choose from.

It’s a really great Capri dining experience. In the garden, the modern twist tables are exquisite and really make you feel the entire experience and atmosphere come together.

10. La Zagara

La Zagara restaurant

If you liked the idea of the lemon trees around you, La Zagara is another restaurant that has stood the time of Capri decades and provides a unique experience. The sea taste offers some of the best fish on the island. Try the tuna tartare for an awesome treat.

Not far from Marina Piccola, they have great access to dinner from the sea.

Your dining in Capri will be an excellent dinner with tasteful sea cuisine and a stunning view. Restaurants like this are so unique in Capri.

Their cuisine is one of a kind but pairs seafood with other dinner items. Match the stunning view of Capri, and you simply can’t go wrong!

Cuisine You Might See at Capri Restaurants

Traditional Capri food

When you visit the restaurants of Capri, you will find a wide variety of seafood and other cuisines. No matter what your tastes or preferences are, dinner will be delicious at any of the Capri restaurants you choose.

These are some things you might see!


Capri is an island, so it only makes sense that the Capri restaurants serve seafood right from the sea around you. This means your food will be fresh and flavorful.

It’s also really awesome that it’s sourced right from Capri at most restaurants.


Of course, Italy is known for its pastas and Capri restaurants will make sure you get yours! Most restaurants that have different pastas in Capri, hand make all of their choices from scratch.

They know the traditional fare and recipes, and the restaurants blend the Capri traditions with modern flavors.

Specialized Choices

Capri restaurants recognize that there are many people who might prefer vegan or vegetarian lifestyles. The Capri restaurants also know some people are sensitive to gluten.

You will find that even the oldest of restaurants try very hard to incorporate some menu options to meet every type of specialized need, as well as their prominent food items.


Of course, you can’t go to these restaurants in Capri without trying dessert, at least some! Handmade desserts are absolutely delicious.

These locations create unique and decadent creations you’re going to want to try. Pair it with dinner for all the best flavors.

And don’t forget the amazing Italian coffee. Maybe a flavorful strong Italian espresso is your choice?


You can’t come to Italy and not experience wine with dinner. Every restaurant serves dinner options that can easily be paired with wines.

Of course, it’s not required to drink with your dinner, but if you’re a fan, be sure to check out the various options.

You can have dinner with locally made creations or some international choices too. We already know that Italy makes some of the best wines in the world, so it only stands to reason that you would find those among the dining selections, right?

Taste all the Flavors at Local Restaurants

Restaurants in Capri offer a little bit of everything. From a wine glass and finger food to start with to fine meals or even a stop at the Capri delicatessen, you simply can’t go wrong.

There are tons of flavors, from pastas to seafood delights and even sweet treats and wines as well. The flavors are meant to stand out, and they do it well at every location.

What food will you try first?

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Capri Restaurants Map


What Famous People Have a Restaurant in Capri?

There are many famous chefs in Capri at several different restaurants. Andrea Migliaccio is perhaps one of the most known and famous people with a restaurant here.

Does Capri Have a Dress Code for Restaurants?

Most restaurants are casual, but there are some that request a business casual dress code from their guests. Not every restaurant has a dress code, but the finest restaurants may require business casual attire. Be sure to check out the restaurant for specifics.

What is the Best Dessert in Italy?

Cannolis and tiramisu are famous types of dessert in Italy. However, you will find that different locations have their own tasteful dessert options. There will be many flavors to try! If you want to try something local, your choice would be Torta Caprese.

What Food is Capri Famous For?

Ravioli Capresi is one of the most famous foods that you will find. However, there are plenty of pastas and seafood dishes that are huge favorites across the board. Ravioli capresi is light but flavorful, which is why it is so popular.

Where Do Some Celebrities Eat in Capri?

Of the restaurants we shared here, Villa Verde is a well-known celebrity hotspot. There are plenty of other places that they also eat at in the Capri area. Check out names like Aurora or Da Paolino as well.