Visit Italy in August: Planning the Perfect Adventure

Visiting Italy in August makes for an awesome adventure. Immerse yourself in Italian culture, spend time on the Italian beaches, journey through the big cities and small villages, and make the most of your time here. An August trip to Italy has much to offer, including hot weather for the summer. Plan your outdoor activities wisely and spend some time in the air conditioning when you need to cool down.

In this guide, we will share everything you should know about traveling to Italy during the month of August. From special events to high season prices and weather forecast information, we’ve got you covered with tips and more!

Read on before you plan your summer vacation to Italy.

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Weather in Italy in August

Weather in Italy in August

Italy’s weather is in full-fledged summer weather mode by now. It’s going to be hot and you might experience some humidity too, especially in the Southern parts of the country.

The beach destinations are packed with people enjoying the sun and trying to beat the heat with the breezes of the coast.

It’s going to be a hot one across all of the cities of Italy. The weather in Italy in August can get extremely hot. However, August in Italy is still an amazing time to adventure and enjoy, especially if you love the sun and warmth.

There are so many fun things to experience. You will find that the heat doesn’t keep many people away. August and the summer months remain the busiest times for Italy, even when the soaring temperatures.

Northern Italy in August

The temperatures range from 70-90 degrees in Northern parts of Italy during this time of year. The smaller cities of the Dolomites mountains are welcoming crowds with open arms as they try to escape the heat of the sunshine.

Heading North won’t get you much cooler, but the Italian Alps and areas like Lake Como are pretty popular.

You can visit the lakes of Italy (like Lake Garda), explore the mountain trails, or spend time among the hilltop towns and mountain villages. Many Italians enjoy this part of the country since the average temperature is slightly lower than in other parts of Italy during August.

Central Italy in August

As you head inland and away from the mountainous Northern regions, make your way to the Vatican City, Rome, nearby national park locations, lush forests, and rolling hills, and so much more that Central Italy has to offer. Be prepared for huge crowds in all of the hot spots, as August is one of the busiest times in Italy.

The temperatures will linger at about 70-90 degrees throughout the month. The tourist crowds may make it feel hotter in Rome and some places, so don’t be afraid to take a day trip to some seaside spots for a bit of water or beach time.

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Southern Italy in August

If you are visiting Italy in August, you expect warmer days. The Southern parts of the country are going to be the warmest during August in Italy. If you’re in this part of the country, you’re going to want to head to the island of Sicily or some of the beautiful beaches in Sardinia, where you can enjoy the best of the water and the sunshine mixed together.

The temperatures in this part of Italy during August hover between 80 and 90 degrees. It’s going to be warm in the southern regions, there will be lots of sunshine, and you should pack accordingly to be prepared for the heat.

The temperatures can rise up to 105 if there are heat waves, especially in Southern Italy.

The Best Places to Visit in Italy in August

Woman in Italy in August

If you’re not sure where to go in Italy in August, we’ve got you covered! With those incredibly warm temperatures, August is a great time to experience the lakes and beaches, but that’s not all you can do this time of year.

Check out some of our favorite areas to visit. Rome is always at the top of the list, but below we share some more unique stops for when you visit Italy in August:

  • Lakes or Beaches
  • Venice
  • Tuscany
  • Florence
  • Turin

Lakes or Beaches

The Coastal towns are certainly a winner in August. With sandy beaches and close access to the Mediterranean Sea, you simply can’t go wrong. Italy has spectacular beaches and locations along the coast in many different areas.

Up north, you have several lakes and hot springs. In the Central locations, you still find some lakes and a few coastal spots too. The further into the Southern regions you go, the more coasts and beaches you will find in Italy.

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Tuscany in August is absolutely beautiful. In fact, Tuscany easily rates as one of the most beautiful locations in Italy all year long. In July and August, the sunflowers are in full bloom, so you will see fields all over with blooming sunflowers.

It’s the perfect picture moment, but it’s also an amazing sight. You can often see these fields from the main roads, but you may want to see if you can take a tour or explore the back roads to get up close and personal.

Be sure to also visit the Tuscan wineries and some of the small villages in Tuscany.


Florence is another location you can go to all year long, much like Rome. The museums and galleries can be a great choice to fill your days when it’s hot outside.

Check out Michelangelo’s “David” statue, take in the Uffizi Gallery works, and explore all that the city has to offer in terms of delicious food, architecture, many of the country’s cathedrals, and tons of artwork too.

One of the nice things about Florence in August is these locations are indoors, so you don’t have to sweat it out but still get to have a great time.


Turin is in the North parts of Italy, so while August can be really hot all over the country, it’s usually just slightly milder in this area. If you’re looking for some famous destinations that are cooler, add this one to the list. Sip cocktails, enjoy all the local foods, and find plenty of laid-back things to take up your time.

Since the ski resorts are less busy, you will find that the crowds may not be as thick here this time of year. You might consider a day trip to South Tyrol as well!


You could also forget the coastal areas, Asinara Island, and Cinque Terre, and instead head to the city of water. With the warm weather, Venice is a wonderful place to stop in August.

There are many shops to enjoy, gelato shops, cozy cages, and plenty of friendly people. Make sure you take a gondola ride and skip public transportation while you walk around and simply experience all that the city has to offer.

The gondolas are fun, but there are plenty of museums, churches, and art locations to enjoy too.

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Things to Do in Italy in August

Travel to Italy in August

With this being the busy season of the year, you will find no shortage of what to do in Italy in August. If you have a hope for something specific, like food or music, you can probably find activities to participate in.

Here are a few really great options that are specific to Italy in August.

Of course, you can also choose the traditional things when you visit Italy. From hot spots like the Amalfi Coast to Vatican museums to Piazza del Campo, there are many opportunities.

This list shares some events and festivals that might catch your interest:

  • Palio di Siena: This is the second half of a horse race that starts in July. The dates change, but it is generally close to August 15th, bringing together crowds to see the big race in the central piazza of Siena.
  • Ferragosto: This festival is known as Assumption Day. It includes religious processions, live music, fireworks, and more. This is the festival that signifies Italians going on vacation. It’s a national holiday as well.
  • Art Festivals: Take in the stunning art that Italy has to offer, with plenty of festivals devoted to art. These take place all over, and there are several that happen during the summer months.

Travel to Italy in August and Enjoy the Sunshine!

Italy may be hot in August, but that doesn’t take away from the fun to be had. Italy in August has a lot to offer, which is proven by the massive crowds of people that spend time here during the month.

You will find no shortage of sunshine, warmth, and fun things to enjoy, so pack your bags and plan your stay today.

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What is the Average Temperature in Italy in August?

The northern parts of Italy do stay slightly cooler, with temps that range between 70-80 for the most part. However, the rest of the country will have days that are mostly 75-90 degrees.

Is Visiting Italy in August a Good Idea?

Yes, it can be! It’s one of the busiest times for a reason. Just be prepared for the temps and the crowds.

Is Italy Busy in August?

This is one of the busiest months of the year in Italy.

Is it Better to Visit Italy in July or August?

In terms of temperatures and crowds, these two months are very similar.

Is Italy Too Hot to Enjoy in August?

It will be warm, but plan ahead, stay hydrated, and spend some time enjoying indoor activities.