A Comprehensive Travel Guide to Liguria

We know that Italy is made up of many different regions, and Liguria is just one of those stunning regions. Liguria is the Italian region that is in the Northwest, running right along the border of France.

In Italy, Piedmont, Lombardy, and Emilia-Romagna surround the other sides of this region.

Liguria is certainly a top tourist destination in Italy thanks to the picturesque villages, stunning landscapes, and delightful food and activities along the coast. The area is known for its bright colors, gorgeous views, and vibrant culture that is so easy to have a blast in!

Liguria should certainly be at the top of your Italian bucket list of places to visit.

Before you go, take a look at this complete guide that walks you through planning your adventure from places to stay, adventures to enjoy, and how to make the most of your trip.

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The Top Places to See in Liguria

Top places to see in Liguria

As you’re planning your trip, you will find there are so many places to go and things to see. There are many popular areas, and you can find landscapes that include anything from rolling hills to coastal beaches (and many choices in between).

Some of the most popular attractions in the area are these:

Whether you want to enjoy swimming, hiking, museums, castles, or something else entirely, Liguria has so much to offer. Did we mention the food and beaches?

Don’t forget those as you choose where to go!

Best Places to Eat and Stay in Liguria

Rolling hills and coastal towns are just some of the highlights of Liguria. No matter what your preferences are, you can find unique places to stay and really take in all that the region has to offer.

And the food is utterly divine. Combine the classic choices of pasta paired with fresh seafood delights, and you have unique and delectable flavors that you can’t find anywhere else.

Of course, there are also olive oils and wines that are certainly well-known in this region too.

If you’re looking for the best places to stay, eat, or explore in Liguria, take a look at these top choices! 

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Hotel Villa Steno

This small, family-run hotel is in the beautiful Ligurian town of Monterosso, Italy. With its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and nearby villages, Hotel Villa Steno is a perfect spot to experience the beauty of the Liguria and Cinque Terre area especially.

The hotel offers comfortable accommodations, traditional Italian decor, and a delicious breakfast made from local ingredients.

For a unique experience in Liguria, Hotel Villa Steno is an ideal place to stay.

Hotel Bristol Palace

If you are looking for a more elegant choice for your stay in Liguria, Hotel Bristol Palace might be your choice.

This hotel is right in the heart of Genoa, so you can walk to all the important attractions in the city.

Hotel Bristol Palace offers you a delicious Giotto Restaurant which has a á la carte menu at lunch and at dinner.

Here are some of the top restaurant tips for local food in Liguria:

  1. Le Rune, Genoa
  2. La Foce, Imperia
  3. La Taverna del Metallo, La Spezia
  4. Il Pirata delle Cinque Terre, Vernazza
  5. Osteria A Cantina De Mananan, Corniglia

Must-See Attractions and Activities in Liguria

What to see in Liguria

Discover why Liguria is one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations with its must-see attractions and activities. From its stunning coastline to its renowned food culture, there’s something here to delight every visitor.

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Piazza De Ferrari in Genoa

The Piazza De Ferrari is a popular square that is right in the heart of Genoa, Italy. It’s one of the most popular attractions in the region of Liguria and serves as a leading hub for residents and visitors alike.

The square is surrounded by iconic landmarks such as the Palazzo Ducale, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, and the Monumental Fountain of Neptune.

These landmarks are important, but the square is also home to many popular restaurants and cafes in the area. Great food alone makes it an awesome place to take a break while exploring the city.

Visitors flock to Piazza De Ferrari during summer to enjoy outdoor concerts and other events.

Aquarium of Genoa

The Aquarium of Genoa is located in the ancient port of Genoa. The stunning aquarium is home to more than 8,000 fish species from all over the world. Visitors can admire sharks, rays, sea turtles, jellyfish, and other fascinating marine creatures as they swim through the many tanks and displays.

In addition, the aquarium also features interactive activities that allow visitors to touch and learn about marine life. The aquarium isn’t just about the views either. Those are certainly phenomenal, but it’s also loaded with educational programs and interactive exhibits to enjoy along the way.

The Aquarium of Genoa is a must-see for anyone visiting Liguria.

Others include Baia di Paraggi, Toirano Cave, Torre Saracena, and Pian Marino.

Liguria villages

Village in Liguria

The Liguria villages are known to be some of the most charming and picturesque places in Italy. The villages stand out along the stunning Ligurian coastline. They offer a unique mix of history, culture, cuisine, and outdoor activities.

While many of the villages are similar, they are also quite unique. They are spaced out among the cliff tops and hills throughout Liguria. From any village, you can take in spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding areas.

Some have quaint cobblestone streets lined with colorful buildings, while others are home to ancient churches and castles. Visitors to the region can explore local markets, sample traditional dishes such as pesto and focaccia bread, and participate in sailing, hiking, and biking activities.

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It’s located on a hilltop overlooking the Roya River. The Apricale village is known for its picturesque streets, medieval architecture, and breathtaking views of the valley below.

Apricale is full of quaint cafes, restaurants, and shops that are perfect for exploring. As a visitor, you should take the time to explore the nearby trails. You will experience some of the most stunning views from the top of the hill.

Apricale is a wonderful little place to learn more about local history, spend time relaxing, and also be an explorer on your trip.


This is a picturesque fishing village in Genova province in Liguria. It’s situated along the coast of the Ligurian Sea and is known for its colorful houses, vibrant harbor, and stunning views of the Mediterranean. Boccadasse is popular among tourists for its seafood restaurants, small shops selling souvenirs, and beaches.

As you visit the area, you just might want to walk along the beach and explore the nearby caves. Consider exploring more of the area with a delightful boat tour.

Others include Camogli, Celle Ligure, Cervo, Corniglia, Dolceacqua, Finalborgo, Laigueglia, and Bussana Vecchia.

If you are a fan of small villages, you should check out our article about small towns in Italy.

Liguria Beaches

The beaches of Liguria are some of the most stunning locations in the Northwest region of Italy. It’s utterly magical along the coastline, with secluded coves, picturesque views, and long, sandy beaches along the way.

No matter what you enjoy, there are activities for everyone! Enjoy relaxation and sunbathing in the sun – don’t forget the sunscreen!

You can also go swimming, explore scuba diving adventures, and take part in other fun activities in the area. Just get out and explore the crystal-clear waters, relax on the beach, and breathe in that fresh air.

Some of the most popular beach towns include Alassio, Finale Ligure, and Cinque Terre.

Here you can find the best Cinque Terre beaches.

Trains in Liguria

Scenic train in Italy

The trains are one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to get around the region. They are reliable and frequent, with service that runs to all major cities and towns in the region.

Trenitalia operates most trains; tickets can be purchased online or at train stations. Trains also offer connections to other parts of Italy and Europe, making them an excellent option.

You can also use the trains in Liguria to explore. They have a variety of scenic train routes, such as the coastal route from La Spezia to Genoa.

It’s a great way to see many of the region’s most beautiful towns along the way!

Here you can learn more about the trains in Italy.

Cities in Liguria

Liguria is home to many beautiful cities with unique characters and attractions. From the ancient port cities of Genoa and La Spezia to the charming seaside villages of Cinque Terre, Liguria has something for everyone.

There are so many awesome cities to explore that have a rich history in the region. This includes locations like Portofino and Imperia.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an adventure-filled vacation, Liguria has something for you.

Local food in Liguria

The tastes in Liguria have unique flavors that the region is known for. They use a variety of local ingredients that are fresh and tasty, paired with classic Italian inspiration.

Check out these delicious cuisine options!

  • Pesto Alla Genovese
  • Focaccia di Recco
  • Farinata (chickpea pancakes)
  • Farinata di Ceci
  • Minestrone Alla Genovese

All of these dishes combine classic flavors with pasta or local ingredients. You can find a variety of seafood mixed in as well since many of these villages are right on the coast.

It’s fresh, and it’s delicious!

Explore the Wonders of Liguria, Italy

Wonders of Liguria

Liguria is a beautiful region of Italy full of stunning scenery, delicious cuisine, and historical attractions.

No matter what your preferences are as you take your adventure, you can find stunning things from beach fun to relaxation and everything in between.

Enjoy the culture and the stunning views along the way!

With its unique atmosphere and charm, Liguria can make any holiday unforgettable. So why not explore this great region?

We hope this comprehensive travel guide has given you the information to start planning your Ligurian holiday!

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Liguria Map


What is Liguria famous for?

Liguria is renowned for its stunning landscapes, sandy shorelines, spectacular cliffs, and stunning national parks. Unsurprisingly, it's one of the top holiday hot spots and a mecca for “foodies” eager to try its unique seafood dishes.

What language is spoken in Liguria?

The Ligurian or Genoese language, also known locally as Zeneise and Zeneize, is a Gallo-Italic language mainly used in what was once the Republic of Genoa, now referred to as Liguria.

What food is Liguria most famous for?

Pesto Sauce, a traditional dish from Liguria, Italy, has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its beloved flavor. It has become one of the country's most famous dishes.

What wine is Liguria known for?

Liguria is known for its white wines, particularly Sciacchetrà and Vermentino.

Is Liguria part of Tuscany?

Liguria is not part of Tuscany. Tuscany and Liguria are both regions of Italy, and Liguria is a neighboring region to Tuscany.