Visit Italy in December: Prepare for Winter Adventure

Visiting Italy in December is a magical experience that everyone should experience at least one time. While there will be cold weather, a December Italy trip has much to offer. The North is ramping up for ski season, and the South may be a little less chilly.

Christmas trees are all over, and the Christmas festivities are underway for the holiday season. Your December trip might look a little different than a July or August trip, but it will be amazing all the same!

In this guide, we will share tips, weather insight, and things to do in December in Italy. Italy in winter, has its own beauty and activities.

With fewer tourists and cheaper prices, you can’t go wrong with a winter trip. Read on to learn more before you start your planning!

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Weather in Italy in December

Weather in Italy in December

The Italy weather in December can get pretty chilly, especially up in the mountainous areas. That’s why Italy has so many incredible ski resorts up North. It’s the perfect location to take in some skiing.

Despite much of Italy being up against the Mediterranean Sea, you won’t find sunny and 80 degrees all year long, even on the coast.

Up North, you will probably see rain and snow. But in other locations through the central and southern parts of Italy, you can find winter sun among the cold days. It is winter, and you can expect winter temperatures with the possibility of rain or snow in some areas.

Wear warm clothes and avoid the Italian small towns that often close for the winter. Whether you’re taking a ski trip or want to spend time in famous Italian cities, you will find hints of Christmas coming everywhere. It’s beautiful.

Northern Italy in December

If you’re a fan of cross-country skiing or even just hitting the ski slopes at your favorite ski resort, head on North as you visit Italy. This is the prime time to enjoy winter sports and cold temperatures. You will find fun things like ice skating, skiing, and more during the winter months.

While much of the country sees fewer crowds, the Italian Alps are welcoming their busy season with snow and fun everywhere!

It’s not quite a full blast into the season, but you can tell it’s getting there quickly. The average temperatures in the North hover around 25-45 degrees in most of these locations.

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Central Italy in December

The central parts of the country won’t be quite as cold, but it’s still chilly and rainy. As you visit Rome, the capital city, or perhaps places like St. Peter’s Square, the Tuscan countryside, and Vatican museums or the Roman Forum, you will want to layer up.

Italy varies in temperatures in the different regions, but chilly, wet weather is likely even here.

People are getting into the spirit of the holidays with temperatures that range from about 30-50 degrees around these big cities of the central regions.

Ital in winter in the central parts of the country are all decked out for the holidays. Enjoy art galleries, museums, and more with the holiday spirit in mind.

Southern Italy in December

As you move further south and closer to the coast, you may see slightly higher temperatures, but it certainly will not be your typical beach weather. December in Italy along the Amalfi Coast and other parts of this region is the perfect time to explore the different towns and take in the local areas for what they are.

You will certainly notice more warmth with temperatures that range from 40-60 degrees for the most part.

And if you head to some of the islands, you will find it’s even warmer, with temperatures closer to 50-65 degrees. Explore the cities in Sicily like Catania, Taormina, Palermo, and more.

The Amalfi Coast is still a lot of fun, just in a different way than your normal beach entertainment.

The Best Places to Visit in Italy in December

Christmas market in Italy

December in Italy offers a whole different perspective than many other months. December is the month of many holidays, which means you will want to head to locations that are decorated and have fun activities to enjoy that correspond with the holidays.

History buffs may enjoy places like Saint Peter’s Basilica, Piazza San Marco, various museums, or even the magical city of Rome. The Christmas atmosphere will be apparent all month long, so enjoy the holiday cheer and make the most of your adventure.

And a December Naples adventure certainly isn’t out of the question.

Check out some of these awesome places to visit in December!

  • Rome
  • Trentino Alto-Adige and Veneto
  • Venice
  • Christmas Markets
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Italy in December in Rome is absolutely magical. Starting on December 8th, you will see twinkling lights, Christmas lights, and Christmas trees everywhere you go. They ramp up for all the December holidays with activities, decorated shop windows, and more.

Saint Peter’s Square has a giant Christmas tree and a life-sized nativity scene, so be sure to check those out! There are other nativity scenes in many churches as well.

Trentino Alto-Adige and Veneto

Spend the holidays and parts of November in the Dolomites. Hot spots like Cortina d’Ampezzo and Madonna di Campiglio are very busy during winter and especially close to the holidays, so plan ahead.

There are many great cities to explore in this area, and they tend to see snow right around the holidays too. You could also journey over to the Gran Paradiso National Park and enjoy the Christmas decorations, local food, and the fun of the Italy holiday season.


Venice in December is absolutely gorgeous. With the water in the city, the nights will be very cool, but it will also be stunning. The city just knows how to bring joy even when it’s cold, dark, and foggy.

The city really picks up after their Virgin Mary celebration on the 8th. This location is quite unique compared to others, and yet beautiful all the same.

Christmas Markets

Ok, so a Christmas market isn’t just in one set location, but it’s an integral part of enjoying Italy in December. You will find Christmas tree setups all over the place, and these markets have tons of light, crafts, entertainment, and more.

They have markets spread out all over the country, so find the best Christmas markets near you and be sure to spend a day just enjoying the markets. These holiday markets are so magical!

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Things to Do in Italy in December

Much like anywhere else in the world, December is really all about the holidays that surround Christmas. Where many other months have a variety of festivals, this will be slightly different.

There are still tons of great activities throughout the Christmas period and more national holidays as well. Steeped in Christmas traditions and Italian tradition, there will be plenty of amazing food and fun activities to enjoy!

Spend Christmas and enjoy the wonder:

  • Florence Light Festival: One of the top holiday festivals where Florence lights up the streets with lit-up projections and more! These are lit up for a specific time every day so enjoy the holiday decorations and then watch the show!
  • 8th of December: This is a national holiday, and most festivities start after this date, where they celebrate the immaculate conception of Virgin Mary.
  • Winter Holiday Dates: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve are national holiday dates in Italy.

December is a time of cheer and celebration throughout Italy.

Visiting Italy in December is Absolutely Magical!

Heading to Italy in December will be more magical than we could possibly describe. The weather will be cold, and you could easily see some rain and snow, but with the holidays afoot, there is so much to enjoy along the way.

Lights, decor, food, and festivities will leave you joyful and excited throughout the entire month.

Spend your winter holidays in Italy for a magical experience.

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Is December a Good Time to Go To Italy?

Yes! There are so many holiday festivities and experiences to enjoy. The weather will be cold, but the country has magic all its own this time of year.

Is it Too Cold in Italy in December?

Some might think it’s too cold, but you can still find plenty to enjoy despite the cooler weather. The southern parts of Italy and the islands are slightly warmer, even in December.

Which Part of Italy is Best in December?

It depends on your preferences! Different regions experience different weather and activities, so take the time to find which location you would prefer.

Is It Worth Visiting Italy in Winter?

Absolutely! It might not be the same as your summer vacation trips, but the season brings cheer and joy even in the cold.

Is Italy a Good Place to Go for the Holidays?

Yes! They celebrate in many different ways, and there will be plenty of decorations, lights, and delightful food to enjoy. Experience the cultural traditions of the area.