Life in Italy – What the Local Life Looks Like?

Many people have a dream of living in Italy. Stunning beauty, incredible food, and gorgeous weather are just a handful of the reasons why Italy is so alluring. However, how is life in Italy?

What crucial details should you keep in mind before visiting or moving to the country that once had the strongest army? In this guide, we will take a much closer look at life in Italy.

Check out details about the culture, population, food, wine, and so much more!

Italian Culture and Life in Italy

Florence sunset

There are numerous quotations regarding Italian culture and way of life, so you can bet that it’s a big aspect of living here!

The arts, religion, architecture, music, family, and distinctive cuisine are all deeply ingrained in Italian culture. Italy has a rich history and background that dates back more than three thousand years, Italy once produced some of the most significant figures in human history.

The European nation is home to warm-hearted citizens and a vibrant past.


Over 60 million people live in Italy. These individuals make up about 91% of Italians. The remaining population is diverse, bringing together Germans, Albanians, North Africans, Australians, Italo-Albanians, and other ethnic groups of Europe.

Australia, France, and Switzerland are just a few of the nearby nations that have influenced Italian culture.

So, for an easy life in Italy, mastering the language is essential.


Italian is this lovely nation’s official language, and about 96% of the population speaks it as their mother tongue.

The Italian language stems from Venice, which is the home of romance itself. When studying the Romance languages, you will find that Italian is one of the most well-known dialects. Some of the other languages you might hear in Italy include Corsican, Albanian, Croatian, Catalan, German, French, Greek, and a few others.

Younger people are more likely to speak English than older people or those who live outside of major cities in Italy because English speakers are far less prevalent there.

That’s why it’s a fantastic idea to at least master the fundamentals of Italian!

Housing and Accommodation

The price of housing in Italy varies substantially depending on the neighborhood and style of the house. Rental prices in major cities such as Rome, Milan, and Florence can be high, particularly in desirable neighborhoods.

Many Italians live in apartments, which are often small but functional. Houses are more common in rural areas and smaller towns.

Italians take pride in their homes, and interior design is an important aspect of Italian culture. From sleek modern apartments to rustic country houses, Italians place a strong emphasis on creating welcoming and comfortable living spaces.

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History of Religion in Italy

From a glance, you can see that the nation of Italy is rich in religious culture and background. The majority of the population are primarily (80–90%) Roman Catholics. You see history and even political stances throughout the country that are deep into the rich Catholic backing.

However, the Constitution of Italy also allows for religious freedom, welcoming those who choose to follow something different.

The Pope’s residence and the heart of Roman Catholicism is Vatican City, which is in Rome.

Did you know the Vatican is actually considered to be a nation and ranks as the smallest nation in the world?

When you look at how religion impacts the culture and daily lives of Italians, you find that it plays a huge role in the country and the individuals of Italy too.

While Catholicism is the leading religion in the country, you will find a diverse religious population that includes atheists, Muslims, Jews, Protestants, and more.

Here you can learn more about the religion in Italy.

Literature, Music, and Art

These three fundamental tenets are deeply ingrained in Italian society. You may expect to encounter amazing art on practically every street corner during your life in Italy.

Here, the arts, music, and literature are not just found in galleries. They extend beyond the well-known museums in Venice, Florence, and Rome.

The culture of Italy itself resonates with music, art, and literature.

For instance, the Sistine Chapel ceiling at the Vatican is painted with the country of Italy’s greatest artistic achievement. Michelangelo completed the work between 1508 and 1512, roughly.

Also, notable painters from around the world, like Leon Battista Alberti and Leonardo da Vinci, were born in Italy.

Italy is also home to some of the best opera composers in the world. Fan favorites like Ruggero Leoncavallo and Luciano Pavarotti are from Italy.

And that’s not all, they are known for magnificent operas, but have also seen many famous artists in other areas too.

Italy is also a set to Romeo and Juliet, and you can visit the famous balcony in Verona.

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Italian Food

Traditional Capri food

Italian food is amongst the greatest in the world if you like delicious traditional dishes.

Italian food is not just food. It’s a dish that makes you feel at home, and it’s meant to be enjoyed in every sense of the word.

Their cuisine is famous throughout the world, and it plays an impact on other areas of the globe. Also, every meal in Italy is a work of art; you will get to eat delicious food every day when living your life in Italy!

Cheese, Wine, and Pasta are always a part of an Italian supper. The pasta can be quite creative and is made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

This includes things like:

  • spaghetti
  • linguine
  • penne
  • fusilli
  • lasagna

These are just a few examples, but chances are you can think of plenty more too! In central Italy and other areas, these are essential components of practically every meal.

Every dish is a work of art here. And each bite simply makes your mouth wet. The staple foods in northern Italy are really diverse. They are not just a pasta country but bring in a wide variety of flavors.

This includes things like risotto, fish, potatoes, pork, sausages, rice, and so much more. Tomatoes are a common food in the southern region.

Fresh or cooked tomatoes will be a part of every meal. In the south, people also widely use pepper, capers, eggplant, garlic, ricotta cheese, olives, and other seasonings.

Italians are said to have a superior quality of life thanks to food, which also helps to strengthen families. This way, there will be delectable food at every meeting that you won’t be able to resist.

Thus, you shouldn’t bother yourself with food at all if you intend to live in Italy. The cuisine of the nation is among the best in all of Europe. Even if you have a restricted diet, the cuisine is just so diverse that you can discover some exquisite meals that fit you.

Italians also love their coffee, and you are probably aware of at least a few Italian coffee drinks.

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Italian Wine

Wine has a strong influence on Italian cuisine. This is one of the most famous wine countries in the world, and they are very good at crafting delicious and unique wines.

Wine isn’t just a sales pitch here, either. It has been a rich part of Italian culture for many centuries, and the country is home to some of the largest vineyards in the world.

Be ready to savor a few of the world’s finest available only here. The top wine regions in Italy are Tuscany and Piedmont.

Here you can find the best wineries in Tuscany.

Etiquette and Customs

Take a look at these common etiquette tips that just might come in handy if you’re visiting Italy:

  • It’s a good idea to first become at least somewhat familiar with the regional greetings. Italians have a custom of wishing one another a good day or evening, whether they are close friends or total strangers (Buongiorno, Buona sera). But unlike “ciao,” this one is meant for close friends rather than total strangers.
  • For close friends, welcomes are also followed by a peck on either cheek, left and right. But for strangers or less-than-ideal pals, a handshake will do.
  • Italy is more traditional than the other European nations or the West when it comes to attire. This is due to the country becoming more religious. You should therefore be wearing a proper dress. Keep in mind that many of Italy’s top tourist destinations are found in its churches. If you plan to visit any religious facilities, be sure to be modest and respectful of the location.
  • Shorts, sleeveless apparel, tank tops, and other items of attire are categorically forbidden in churches. The summers can be hot, so if you are wearing a sleeveless top, just carry a light scarf to cover your shoulders as needed.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is to always ask for an “il conto” (check) after a meal. Unless you specifically request it, Italians will never deliver a bill to your table.

Attractions in Italy

Colosseum in Rome

Each year, millions of travelers travel to Italy for holidays, business trips, pilgrimages, or even to relocate. We certainly can’t blame them.

The country is absolutely stunning, with so many things to see and experience.

There are more attractions in Italy than you can imagine. Italy is a fantastic tourist destination because of its fascinating history, beautiful art and architecture, breathtaking landscapes, and exciting opportunities.

Of course, it’s also among the most stunning nations on earth!

You will undoubtedly encounter the renowned Roman culture as well as some of the iconic spots in the entire globe here.

Check out these ideas for some of the top things to see and do in Italy:

  1. See some of Europe’s most stunning cities—many of which are in Italy!
  2. On one of the renowned gondolas, cruise across the canals of Venice.
  3. Visit Cinque Terre to go trekking.
  4. Bicycle across Italian hill towns in Tuscany
  5. Take in an opera
  6. Explore the center of ancient Rome on a historical tour.
  7. Enjoy a beach day.
  8. Visit regional celebrations
  9. Consume a lot of delicious food!

There is no such thing as boredom in Italy, thanks to all of these amazing adventure opportunities!


Is Living a Life in Italy a Good Idea?

Overall, Italy is a stunning nation with delectable cuisine, engrossing history, and breathtaking beauty. Some of the areas like Rome, Milan, and other large cities are sometimes more expensive because of their popularity and prominence.

What is Living a Life in Italy like on a Daily Basis?

The Italian way of life is widely emulated throughout the world. Little and significant behaviors combine to form a unique and desirable image. Italians cherish and celebrate all facets of life, including quality time with friends and family, wholesome dining, and taking in all forms of beauty.

Is Living a Life in Italy expensive?

No. While there are expensive locations, it is actually one of the most affordable countries to live in in Europe. They are ranked as the fourth-lowest cost of living across Western Europe.

Does Italy Welcome Foreigners?

Yes. Italians are widely seen as being happy, kind, helpful, and friendly by non-Italians. Most of the time, it's true.

Do People in Italy Speak English?

Italian is the common language of Italy, but at least 34% of the population is known to speak English fluently. Others speak enough English to communicate. You will find communicating in English is fairly easy to do across Italy.