Restaurants in Verona, Italy – Treat Your Taste Buds

Verona is such a beautiful place to visit. While you’re there, be sure to check out Verona’s restaurant choices and fill your belly with homemade delights, culinary delights, wine tasting, and contemporary Italian dishes. There are many amazing restaurants in Verona to choose from, with many different flavors and choices among them.

Whether you’re looking for fine dining, street food, fresh produce, or something new and exciting, Italy’s city of Verona has more choices than you can possibly visit in your time there. From Michelin-starred restaurants to Italian restaurants in Verona, there are so many options!

In this guide, we share some tips and insights to help you find the best places to eat in Verona. We will share our top picks and give you a complete rundown of a wide selection of options.

Find a Verona restaurant that meets your tastes and head to that location! Explore the flavors of Verona, starting here!

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The Best Restaurants in Verona to Try

There are many Italian restaurants in Verona, as you would expect since you’re in Italy. However, you will also find that you can easily pick a unique restaurant in Verona that isn’t all about pasta.

Find a passion for flavor as you embark on the food journey of Verona. There are so many options!

These are just a handful of our top picks. Always make sure you check to see if reservations might be needed before you head to a Verona restaurant of choice.

These are our picks for the best Verona restaurants to try:

  1. II Desco
  2. La Fontanina
  3. Al Pompiere
  4. Ristorante Arche
  5. Focacceria La Figaccia
  6. Casa Perbellini
  7. Trattoria dal Taio
  8. Pizzeria Tutti Gusti

1. Il Desco

Michelin star restaurant in Verona

Il Desco has a Michelin star and is one of the Verona restaurants that is bound to be a fine dining experience. You will probably need reservations to get into this stunning location.

Check out their wine pairing choices and tasting menu to start. The chef adds a Northern twist. Enjoy homemade pasta, tasteful wine, and so much more from a meal here.

Don’t forget to try the duck sauce!

2. La Fontanina

La Fontanina restaurant

Another Michelin-star location, be sure to save room for appetizers and dessert. Every last dish is utterly delicious, and the wine list is impressive.

In a historical location, you will be drawn in by more than just what gets put on the table. Try the beef braised in Amarone wine or the thick spaghetti that is made in-house.

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3. Al Pompiere

Al Pompieri

Heading to a slightly less expensive menu, this Verona Italian restaurant is a great choice! They offer heart dishes, many different kinds of cheese (including Monte Veronese cheese), a stew made with horse meat and gnocchi, veal liver, and other hearty dishes.

They make a lot of traditional cuisines and have great food with different flavors and choices.

4. Ristorante Arche

Ristorante Arche in Verona

A local institution that has been around for more than 130 years, this Verona restaurant is one for the books. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the excellent food and red wine that you can experience here.

They are known for serving ancient flavors that are primarily seafood and fish choices. Not far from Piazza Bra, Ristorante Arche is a great choice for something different with a view!

5. Foccacceria La Figaccia

Foccacceria La Figaccia

If you’re looking for cheap eats or something a little more relaxed, try out Foccacceria la Figaccia. This sandwich shop lets you grab your goods to go or dine there when there are tables available.

It’s a local favorite thanks to the use of many organic ingredients and bread made fresh. This local food is pretty popular so grab your meal and take a short walk to Old Town or Piazza dei Signori to have a seat and enjoy it outside.

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6. Casa Perbellini

Restaurant in Verona

Take a step into luxurious and delicious food from this location that holds two Michelin stars. The perfect space for a special occasion or a fancy dinner, they have a variety of wine choices, pasta, and other succulent foods.

Find things like beef cheek, veal, pasta, sea bass, and more. Choose from the starters at Verona’s pride and joy. Enjoy traditional family recipes, hearty and amazing dishes, and a modern flair for flavor here.

7. Trattoria dal Taio

Trattoria dal Taio

Trattoria dal Taio in Verona has its own unique attributes. Forget coffee, pizza, seafood, or pasta, and instead focus on the meat and wines of the area. Their tasting menu is exquisite.

They do offer some seafood and fresh fish, but their specialty is really focused on fresh meat to eat. That paired with their traditional, homemade pasta, makes them perfect to try.

Enjoy a table on the terrace and view Italy around you while you enjoy the dish of your choice.

8. Pizzeria Tutti Gusti

Tutti Gusti Pizzeria in Verona

We couldn’t very well talk about food in Verona, Italy, without also talking about a pizza restaurant. Enjoy the traditional pizza of Italy here in Verona and have some wine while you’re at it.

Just around the corner from Piazza delle Erbe, you can do some sightseeing while you’re in the area. You can even go sit in Piazza Erbe with your pizza from the restaurant since they operate on a takeout menu.

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Top Verona Restaurants by Category

  • The Best restaurants in Verona, Italy, with Michelin stars are Il Desco, Casa Perbellini & Al Bersagliere.
  • The Best vegan restaurants in Verona, Italy are La Lanterna, Ristorante Flora & Flower Burger.
  • The Best restaurants in Verona, Italy, with a view are San Mattia Osteria Pizzeria Lounge Bar, Salumeria Gironda & Trattoria alla Ruota.

Classic Cuisine Choices of Verona Restaurants

Amarone Risotto in Verona

When you come to Verona and visit a restaurant of choice, they are all unique. However, you will find some common traditional dishes along the way. The wine list and the availability of the favored Amarone wine might also be a deciding factor for you.

Whether you want traditional cuisine, a fancy stop, or just classic cuisine that you know and love, the Verona restaurants will certainly deliver!

Take a look at some of these common dishes.

Fresh Bigoli Pasta

This pasta is a very thick spaghetti-like noodle that goes well with just about any sauce or wine list that you can imagine. It is handmade and much thicker than the noodles you are likely experienced with.

This is one of the main pastas used in Italy and Verona, with many different sauces and toppings used. This may include wine sauces, seafood, meat, and other Italian twists.

Risotto All’Amarone

This is one of the longest-known traditions brought to the table in Verona and throughout Italy. The city is known for it, and you won’t find a table that doesn’t offer it. Pair it with wine and enjoy the Verona flavors.

The dish uses Italian wine with risotto and various cheeses as well.

Potato Gnocchi

This Italian delight is a top choice of Italian dishes in Verona and one that your table should definitely try out while you’re in Italy!

The traditional cuisine is made with potatoes and can be prepared into several different Italian dishes or soups. Some local Italian people choose to just season it and butter it to eat, while others use it to make a soup more satisfying.

It pairs well with seafood, traditional meat choices, modern flavors, and the top wine from the cellar.

Sfogliatine di Villafranca

Looking for a traditional cuisine pastry or dessert choice in the city of Verona? Try this one out. It’s simple as far as ingredients that only have butter, flour, eggs, salt, water, and sugar.

However, the traditional method of making this takes quite a lot of work. Great for pairing with an Italian coffee or tasting as a treat or dessert, it resembles a donut.

Pastissada de Caval

One of the most unique classic cuisine Italian options in Verona is anything that contains horse meat. This seems unusual to some, but it’s a traditional delicacy in areas like Verona, as it was what sustained them in history when the city was desperate for meat and had no other choices.

Now, it’s a top ingredient in some of the most famous Italian selections in Verona.

Lesso con la Peara

Yet another traditional classic cuisine choice in Verona, Italy, consider trying this Italian creation. They make this a lot in Italian homes as the weather gets cold and it’s a classic Italian dish for Christmas too.

The Verona creation contains boiled meat paired with vegetables. It’s all prepared by Verona standards and then flavored with pepper and seasoned breadcrumbs. This Verona dish can vary a bit, but the structure remains the same.

Experience the Flavors of Verona, Italy

Whether you’re looking for classic cuisine, traditional cuisine, or something with a more modern twist, the restaurants in Verona will deliver all that and more. You can find many options walking down the streets, passing through the squares like Piazza delle Erbe, or simply asking others in Verona.

From seafood to flavors of Italy, Verona has so much to offer people! You can even enjoy a special occasion at Verona restaurants if you choose.

There’s no doubt that some of the top restaurants are often tourist traps. You can find a difference of opinion from the locals compared to the tourists when it comes to choosing Verona restaurants.

The truth is that from classic cuisine to house wine, you can find a ton of great options, and you’re bound to love them all!

It’s not on this list, but another great find is the Osteria Caffè Monte Baldo so be sure to check it out too! We also recommend Antica Bottega del Vino or Lungadige Porta Vittoria for a unique experience.

What flavors do you look forward to experiencing most in Verona? And don’t forget to enjoy a cup of Italian espresso after your meal!

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Verona Restaurants Map


Where Do the Locals Eat in Verona, Italy?

The locals of Verona, Italy, certainly enjoy many of the spots we’ve shared with you here. There are so many flavors of Italy to enjoy in Verona. However, you will find many of the locals of Verona stick to restaurants that are not tourist hot spots.

What are the Most Famous Pastas in Verona, Italy?

Bigoli is one of the most famous pastas in Verona. It’s similar to spaghetti, but it’s much thicker. It can be used in any number of Verona meals.

What are the Most Popular Food Choices of Verona, Italy?

It simply depends! You will find horse, gnocchi, bigoli, and a wide variety of other choices throughout Verona, Italy. They are quite unique.

What is the Best Place for Wine in Verona, Italy?

Almost all of the Verona locations serve wine or even use it in their cooking. One of our favorite locations is Antica Bottega del Vino, which is a favorite for all of Verona, Italy.

What is the Most Famous Food of Verona, Italy?

In Verona, salami is one of the most famous foods that is made there. They incorporate it into many recipes across Italy and particularly in Verona as well.