Visit Italy in October: Weather, Tips, and Experiences

Thinking of trying to travel to Italy in October? The month of October is a good time to go with special festivals, pleasant weather, and a host of day trip destinations to enjoy. Pack up for your road trip or vacation and start planning your trip. Visiting Italy in October will be a trip of a lifetime, with so many wonderful adventures to be had.

In this guide, we share some insights into the fun things you can do, the best areas to travel to in October, and even what to expect from the October weather in Italy.

Your visit in October will be amazing! Read on to learn more.

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Weather in Italy in October

Weather in Italy in October

October in Italy might just have some of the best weather of the entire year. You will more than likely have a sunny day with cooler temperatures than in hot months like July and August.

There are some chances of rain and cool temperatures, but pack for these things and don’t let them hinder your trip. You will find that it’s a great time to visit attractions, but you can’t always rely on spending a day at the beach, thanks to the weather.

Let’s take a closer look at the different regions of Italy and what to expect from them in October.

Northern Italy in October

For an October trip, you’re going to see a cool down happening in the north. The cooler weather has overtaken the summer heat. While most days are still pleasant, your nights are likely to be cool.

The Italy October forecast is where you start to notice a substantial difference in the temperatures of the regions. By late October, this region will be starting to plan for the cold days of fall and winter. For now, it’s still mild, though.

The October temperatures in North Italy will range from 45-65 degrees for the most part. Most October events will take place in the Central and Southern regions as there are more sunny days and warmer temps to celebrate in.

Central Italy in October

If you want to visit Italy in October, the central regions are a great spot. In the heart of harvest season, harvest festivals, and rolling hills, you can have a great time. There are fewer tourists than in the busy summer, but still, plenty to experience for an Italian holiday. That weather forecast looks promising, with an average temperature ranging from 55-70 degrees through much of the month.

Remember you could see some rain so pack a rain jacket and maybe an umbrella. Head out for a wine tasting, enjoy mild temperatures, and leave the summer crowds behind during your October Italy adventure. Shoulder season is nearly over, so don’t forget a light jacket for those cooler nights.

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Southern Italy in October

With mild weather and fewer crowds, you can enjoy the Southern parts of the country just fine. It’s still mostly shoulder season here, so a beach holiday might be in order. Just remember your rain gear and have a backup in case the rain does affect your plans or your day at the Amalfi Coast.

High tourist season peaks here in the summer months, so take the time to enjoy the cooler evenings, visit museums, and enjoy local fresh produce or wine culture for all that they have to offer. The nice weather of October in Italy boasts temperatures that range from 65-75 degrees in the Southern part of Italy this time of year. Head South to enjoy the coast.

The Best Places to Visit in Italy in October

October in Italy

The best place in October is really the central parts of the country. However, you can still enjoy plenty of excitement and adventure if you choose to head north or south as well.

The beach weather is starting to make an exit, and by mid-October, the beach will be less appealing for beach clubs and tourists alike. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the coastal cities and villages.

These are some of our favorite spots for October in Italy:

  • Rome
  • Tuscany
  • Piemonte
  • Umbria


Rome in October just might be the exact destination you need in October. With milder weather and no more high-season crowds, it’s likely to be a far more pleasant experience.

During the high season in Italy, this location has the most tourists of just about any region out there, and it’s packed with people.

Pack light layers and adventure around Rome when visiting Italy in October. Take in city museums and sights without the heat and crowds.

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Tuscany is a favorite all year long, and with the olive and grape harvest at hand, now is a great time to visit. There are food festivals and wine festivals that enjoy the olive oil harvest, grape harvest, vintage markets, street performances, and tons of delicious food and drink to go around.

Plus, it’s absolutely beautiful here, and the landscapes offer so many colors.

Some tips for Tuscany:


Another favorite for the wine and food lovers out there. You can find Italian cuisine and plenty of events to enjoy. This is actually in the Northern region, where it’s just a bit cooler but not yet cold.

Here, you will find local restaurants enjoying the local truffle harvest, and the truffle festival happens here too. With olive groves in the south and central locations, truffle season is celebrated here. Food, wine, and plenty of fun await!

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Umbria is right on the edge of Tuscany, so it’s no wonder it’s a top choice too. However, it often gets overlooked since it is so close to Tuscany.

It’s the perfect time to come here and see the local vineyards and olive grove locations that the area has to offer. There is plenty of fresh goods, stunning countryside views, and medieval hill towns that you will fall in love with.

You could also visit Sicily in October or Florence too to take in the warmer weather. All across the country, people are celebrating and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere that October brings with it.

Milan in October is another fantastic adventure to add to your list! We could go on and on about the magical places to enjoy in October in Italy.

Things to Do in Italy in October

You can go anywhere and do anything during October in Italy. You will find that most of the festivals and events have a strong harvest focus for things like truffles, wine, olives, and more.

There are plenty of other events happening throughout the country, so look around for the type of activities that interest you.

Of course, you can always just enjoy a classic tourist experience adventuring around the hot spots, taking in museums, and exploring the different parts of Italy.

If you’re looking for fun events, check these ideas out for October in Italy:

  • White Truffle Festival: Celebrated in Alba all month long, chefs celebrate their most favorite ingredient, which is also one of the world’s rarest ingredients. Everyone is out to gather and stock up on their truffles. It might as well be a national holiday.
  • Eurochocolate Chocolate Lovers Festival: Head to Perugia for the October festivals that are all about chocolate. Chocolate of every kind to sample and enjoy will be found here.
  • Rome Film Festival: Perfect for movie buffs and film lovers. Many famous actors attend.
  • Halloween Festival: Celebrate Saints Eve with themed events throughout all of Italy. Dress up, enjoy the parties, and take in the festivities. A fun kids’ October activity!
  • Venice Marathon: This marathon is geared towards competitive athletes, but it’s a huge event centered around Piazza San Marco. They go over the Bridge of Liberty and race through Venice.

Visiting Italy in October Will Be a Trip to Remember!

From truffle festivals to the excitement of harvest season, there is so much to see and experience in Italy in October. You simply cannot go wrong, and the excitement of the locals will be contagious.

The weather is pretty amazing, so you can enjoy the outdoors more and adventure wherever your heart desires.

Don’t let the possibility of a little rain or cool evenings stop you from having a trip to remember!

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Is October a Good Time to Go to Italy?

Yes! The colors are stunning, and the locals have a lot of great adventures to experience this time of year. The weather is starting to bring cooler nights, so you can adventure more without getting too hot.

Is It Still Warm in Italy in October?

The days are likely going to still get fairly warm, although not as hot as the earlier summer months. You’re starting to see the transition to autumn.

Which Part of Italy is Best to Visit in October?

At this time of year, you can still enjoy all of Italy. Central Italy has some of the most excitement, and with fewer crowds and nicer weather, it’s a great time to head to these areas.

Is October Part of the Rainy Season in Italy?

There certainly can be some rain in October, but it’s not the peak of the rainy season. Pack an umbrella and a rain jacket, and don’t let the possibility of rain stop you!

Can You Still Swim in Italy in October?

On the nice days, you can still swim in most places in October. In Sicily, the sea temperature is still around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and in Amalfi around 68 degrees, so it’s still pleasant to swim, at least at the beginning of October.