Italy in April – Colorful Blossom (Best Places + Weather)

Preparing for a fun-filled vacation to Italy in April? You’re in for a really amazing adventure, and this guide will help you plan for everything along the way!

Did you know that Italy is one of the most traveled countries in the entire world? They are leaders in the tourist industry, and when you get to know Italy, it’s clear why!

April is a great time to plan your trip to Italy, thanks to weather that is warmer, drier, and more enjoyable overall. This is the beginning of their busy season, and people are starting to come out to experience fashion, art, cuisine, and so much more!

Of course, people come to Italy for many different reasons, including history, architecture, nightlife, religious routes, and sites that are major attractions to international travelers.

Italy in April will have rising numbers of tourists, and often coincides with Easter as well. Apart from Easter time in April, Christmas and the Eve of the New Year are other times of the year that Italy records a high number of visits.

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Weather in Italy in April

Weather in Italy in April

The typical weather in Italy in April is generally pleasant and friendly. Some parts of the country experience rain.

With the days that get sunny, there are occurrences of breezes that cool the body. Those pleasant breezes are what make April so great, and something that travelers in June, July, and August very rarely feel!

In the North, Italy receives less rain compared to the months of May and October in April. Some areas, like Bologna, Turin, Milan, and Venice, have anywhere from eight to nine days in April. The low temperatures, on average, are between 4 and 10°C (40-50°F). The highs play around 16-18°C (60-65°F).

Central Italy includes cities like Rome and Florence. These parts have high chances of rainfall in April, eight to nine days on average. The average temperature experienced in these parts of Italy in April is 15°C (60°F).

The South part of Italy receives rain for about six to eight days in April. Temperatures may reach a low of 11-13 degrees Celsius (mid-50’s °F). The highs are 18-20 °C (64-68 °F).

Best Places to Visit in Italy in April

April in Venice

The spring days are longer. The Easter holiday is another exciting reason to think of traveling to Italy in April. A number of cities in Italy are worth the excitement that comes with planning for a refreshing holiday.

And an adventurous one too!


It is hard to forget about this ancient city while planning a visit to Italy in April. This is the time to wake up from the cold winter season, welcoming you to its traditions, especially over the Easter season.

The Romans, on Easter Sunday morning adhere to a special breakfast only enjoyed in this period.

The breakfast has no brioche or cappuccino. It includes offal, a dove-shaped Easter cake, artichoke frittata, savory flans, and hard-boiled eggs.

During lunch, to mark the Pasqua celebration, there is lamb which is young and tender. There is the l’abbraccio.

The city has charming pizzas and many churches. These are more reasons to ensure Rome is a city to spend your weekend in while visiting Italy in April.

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This is a city that offers an unforgettable experience when you plan a visit to Italy in April. One of the unique places to visit in Milan city is the Crespi d’Adda. This place is approximately 40 km from the main town. It is a listed World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The city of Milan has a rich history. Its architecture is well-preserved, showing evidence of industrial revolution. This gives the city its nickname, the “company-town”.

Culture is an important part of Milan city. For first-hand experience, visitors cycle through a well-maintained path to Morimondo Abbey. And you can get there in about 30 minutes! The weekends here are full of cultural activities.

Visiting Milan city in Italy in April offers you a chance to experience the The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci with less crowds. The famous painting, which is located at Santa Maria delle Grazie church.

The Fiera di Senigallia is a memorable vintage market that will definitely take your breath away with its splendor. Check out its many booths as you wind through Milan city.


A visit to Italy in April should definitely lead you to the fairy tale castles of Avellino. The castles, over time, have become homes to noble families. The castles leave visitors with a lifetime narrative to offer.

The commendable Morra Castle which once was a defensive fortress is now a Antiquarium Museum full of history.

Castello di San Barbato is another castle which architecture is fascinating. It stands in Manocalzati within Avellino town. The castle has a staircase that is monumental which leads to the doorway with a fascinating round shape.

The Lancellotti Castle in Lauro within Avellino gives an amazing experience too. It is very artistic and stands at the spot where the XI century starts.


The city of Venice offers the best weather in April. The temperatures are favorable. This makes it exciting to visit the canals as it is sunny.

Interesting places to visit here include the Rialto, Piazza San Marco, Cannaregio, and the Palace of Doge. April is also the perfect time of the year to see the Burano and Murano islands.

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The Amalfi Coast

Although the Amalfi Coast experiences rainfall in April, it is a great time for tourism. It is in April that visitors start streaming back here.

The water may sometimes feel too cold to take a bath. However, there are sunny days in which the Amalfi coast comes back to life.

When visiting Amalfi Coast in April, make sure to visit Capri island, Procida, or Ischia. In this period, it transforms into a paradise of magical Mediterranean.

Holidays, Events, and Festivals to Look Out for

April events in Italy

Easter Holiday

This often falls early to mid-month of April. The Vatican and Rome cities become busiest at this time. Special processions and masses take place during the Holy week, also called Settimana Santa.

The Via Crucis procession, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday takes place in St. Peter’s Square.

Despite the tickets to attend these events being free, it is difficult to get hold of one!

These Easter celebrations take place in other cities too so prepare for large crowds in every major city of Italy.

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Wine Seminars and Tasting Affair Festival

Distributors, producers, and critics in the wine industry in Italy hold this festival annually in April. Italy’s and the world’s best wine sampling and tasting happens this time. Enthusiasts of wine take part in these tastings in Verona, Italy.

Rome’s Birthday (Natale di Roma) – April 21st

If you are looking for a reason to visit the Eternal City of Rome while in Italy in April, here it is!

History has it that the founding date of Rome is the 21st of April, 753 B.C. So, Rome celebrates its birthday on April 21 every year.

There are historical reenactments and parades marking this day. The main parade presents all previous Rome provinces. The groups come wearing historical dresses of Rome.

April 25th

The people of Italy observe this particular day in Italy for two reasons;

  1. The day of Liberation.
  2. Saint San Marco feast Day.

The people reflect on the ending of the Nazi occupation of Italy that happened during World War II. They celebrate autonomy and freedom as well as the fall of fascism.

Frolicking, food, and a parade to Saint Mark’s Basilica feature celebrations of Saint San Marco.

Visit to Italy in April with Children

April is one of the best months to take your children to Italy. The shiny spring sun will keep the children warm as they play in parks.

A number of places that best favor kids while visiting Italy in April include:

Florence may be too hot in summer, so in April, the temperatures are friendly. Most of these places have friendly weather in April. Therefore, people of all ages are comfortable with both outdoor and indoor activities.

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Is April the best time to visit Italy?

April is springtime in Italy. At this time, the temperatures are at their best. Flowers bloom at this time, filling the air with fragrance. Visiting Italy in April will leave you full of energy and with a great experience. Yes, April is definitely a good time to travel to Italy.

Does April fall in the most affordable time to visit Italy?

April is one of the months that Italy receives many visitors. The rates of travel tickets may be higher than March due to high demand. The hotels may be in high demand, so getting one might not be easy, especially during Easter. November is the month with a low number of visitors, so it is more affordable, if that’s what you are looking for.

Can I travel with my children to Italy in April?

Yes. April is a perfect month to travel to Italy because of its friendly weather. Children will comfortably play outdoors and participate in indoor activities too.

How warm is Rome in April?

Rome is generally warm in the month of April. There is a steady rise in temperatures as the month progresses. The average temperature in Rome in April is around 14-15°C (57-59°F) with highs of 20-22° (68-71°F) towards the end of the month.

What are the most important items to pack while planning a visit to Italy in April?

The weather in April is generally friendly. Some items you may pack up include cotton pants, a waterproof jacket/coat, comfortable footwear, a light top, and a cardigan. Most importantly, a scarf to complete the Italian look!