Visit Italy in September: Tips, Weather, and More!

If you’re planning a September trip, you just might want to consider visiting Italy. Italy in September brings a promising fall cool down and a break from the peak season that June through August encourage. It’s still warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities and yet not so miserably hot that you just want to sit in the air conditioning, either.

With harvest season starting in the vineyards, you can find some unique experiences in September.

In this guide, we share everything you should know to travel to Italy in September. From information about the weather to where to go in Italy in September and even some fun events to consider.

You can likely find September offers that are more affordable now that the peak tourist season is over.

Check out the details below!

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Weather in Italy in September

Weather in Italy in September

Visiting Italy in the month of September brings you the best of summer warmth paired with the chill of the coming autumn. You simply can’t go wrong. And with fewer tourists out and about, you’re bound to have a really wonderful time.

The Italy weather forecast will be bringing cooler nights, while the days will still be mostly warm and summer. You might experience some rain, but overall you’re looking at a pleasant vacation when it comes to the weather. Let’s look at how the changing seasons affect the different regions of Italy.

Northern Italy in September

Lake Como will still be bustling with activity in early September, but the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting cooler as the autumn season starts to influence the area’s temperatures.

Enjoy the Northern regions during the mild September weather, as very soon, it will start to get cold here. The average temperature is anywhere from 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the day, it will be sunny and warm, but the early morning and the evenings will start to get slightly chilly when the sun isn’t up. Lake Como is just one example, but you may choose to head to the Grand Canal in Venice or visit the mountain huts. There are plenty of choices.

Central Italy in September

As you visit Italy in September, the central regions are a great place to hang out. From spaces like Rome to Tuscany to Umbria and many others as well, you simply can’t go wrong. A September Tuscany adventure will get you up close to the harvest season, and all that entails. Check out each beautiful city in the region with pleasant weather and tons of great holiday destinations to experience.

You can experience the best of what the wineries in Tuscany have to offer.

From the Roman Forum to the city center to nearby national park locations, the August crowds are gone, and it’s time to just soak up the natural beauty in warm weather with cool breezes.

Plan for temperatures to range from 65-80 degrees, with the first week being the warmest.

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Southern Italy in September

The entire country is taking a breather after the hoards of June, July, and August, but the September temperatures make it a fantastic month to spend some time and visit beaches or coastal areas.

From visiting Sicily to other pristine beaches, visiting Italy in September really delivers in this area. It’s just warm enough to enjoy the beaches, but the evenings cool down enough that you don’t feel so overheated.

Let life move at your own pace, and enjoy a boat ride or two. Even into Mid-September and early October, the waters are still plenty warm. You might see a rainy day here and there, but not many of them.

The temperatures will still be around 70-80 degrees this time of year.

Best Places to Visit in Italy in September

Cinque Terre in September

During September in Italy, you can go just about anywhere. The weather in September is pleasant, and as you get to late September, you may need a light jacket. The countryside is full of color, and the high season has made its exit.

You can take day trips and travel to small villages in Italy.

September is the perfect time to explore and enjoy all that Italy has to offer. You can go anywhere from Lake Garda (and other Italian lakes) to Juliet’s Balcony to San Marco to historic sites. There is something for everyone.

It’s also a good time to visit the hot springs, especially in the evenings when the temperatures are just starting to cool down. The latter part of the day will have you wanting to relax with something like Al Fresco dining or even a live chess game.

Find what you love and go there! Whether you visit Rome or visit Venice, you’re in for a treat.

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These are some of our top choices for September:

  • Mount Vesuvius
  • Cinque Terre
  • Rome
  • Pompeii

Mount Vesuvius

It’s the perfect time to climb! Climb the mountain and see picturesque villages, stunning views, and more. You can also enjoy some physical activity without feeling like you’re dying from the heat.

There are many different routes, so enjoy what works for you!

Cinque Terre

If you’re fond of water, try Cinque Terre in the region of Liguria. This area has a great mixture of hills, water, and relaxation. The sites are awesome. Another water alternative would be to visit Lake Como.

Cinque Terre is a UNESCO world heritage site and brings you all the views.


Head to Rome and take in all of the hot spots. The average temperatures are still warm during the day and only slightly cooler at night. You probably won’t need a jacket yet in this area.

Enjoy history and many amazing stops.

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It’s the perfect time to go to Pompeii! Enjoy the history of the volcano Vesuvius and see the ruins. Walk through the open-air museum with the pleasant temperatures that September brings. See all that the area has to offer.

Things to Do in Italy in September

Juliet's Balcony

We’ve shared where to go in Italy in September, but there are also plenty of fun things to do!

When you visit in September, you will find a number of shows and festivals to experience. Take in what you can or create your own experience.

These are some of our favorites in September in Italy:

  • Juliet’s Birthday: a full festival surrounding her balcony and even allowing visits to her tomb in Verona.
  • Hot Air Balloon Festival – Ferrara Balloons Festival: enjoy the excitement of air balloons all over the place.
  • Potato Festival: That’s right, a festival for potatoes. It’s a delicious event with tons of great experiences.
  • Historic Boat Races: The Regata Storica in Venice is an event you won’t want to miss!
  • Venice Film Festival: international film festival for movie lovers, entertainment, culture, and so much fun. You might even spot a famous actor or two.
  • Verona Opera Festival: If you love opera and music, you will find dates at the beginning of September to enjoy the weekend opera festivals.
  • Food Festivals: With harvest upon us, there are many festivals that celebrate food throughout the country!

From hot air balloons to chocolate and white truffles and many experiences in between the two, you simply can’t go wrong.

Experience the national holidays or head to Tuscany for Palio di San Rocco. You will find local produce, local cuisine, and local signs of having a great time!

Make the Most of Visiting Italy in September

September has almost the perfect weather to be out and about exploring all that Italy has to offer. Italy in September offers great adventures, delicious food, and stunning views from the Amalfi Coast to the ski regions in the north.

You can plan a trip to take in the sites or head to one of the popular festivals and events that take place in September. You will love every moment.

What do you want to do in Italy in September?

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What is the Weather in Italy in September?

The weather still sports summer temperatures throughout most of the day, with cooler nights. In some areas, you may need something light to use as a jacket, but you can plan for summer clothing for the majority of your stay.

Is September a Good Time to Visit Italy?

Absolutely! It’s the perfect mix of autumn promises with summer fun. Harvest is gearing up, and there are stunning colors to be seen at the end of the month. It’s not as miserably hot, and the crowds have started to die down a bit.

Is Italy Still Hot in September?

During the days, you will still see some hot weather, particularly in the central and southern areas of Italy. However, it’s not quite as hot, and the evening starts to get cooler.

Is September Expensive in Italy?

While it’s not the cheapest month to go to Italy, it’s also not the most expensive. You are no longer in peak times, so prices go down just a bit.

Can You Swim in Italy in September?

Yes! Thanks to the warm days, it’s still fun and enjoyable to swim in Italy during September. The sea temperature is still over 65 degrees Fahrenheit in September in Italy.