Visit Italy in November: Weather and Things to Do!

November is the best time to head to Italy if you love the autumn season. The colors are changing, the weather is cooler, and there are plenty of autumn festivities to enjoy. It’s not too cold yet, and it’s a great month to avoid the crowds or fighting for great accommodation options. Travel to Italy in November to experience the beauty of the season and enjoy a dream trip!

In this guide, we will share with you some tips for planning November in Italy. When you visit in November, you face fewer crowds and many other benefits.

It’s a great month to save a little money and journey through Italy without the crowds and higher costs. Read on to find out more!

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Weather in Italy in November

Weather in Italy in November

November is quite possibly the rainiest month, or one of the rainiest months of the year. As Italy’s rainiest month, you will want to come prepared with a rain jacket and waterproof shoes for the rain.

From early November to late November, the Italy’s weather is cooler and wet, but there are some sunny days mixed in there as well so don’t panic.

There are definitely fewer tourists than in the summer months, so it’s easier to enjoy some of the big tourist attractions that the business of the summer season makes it hard to enjoy.

This low season certainly has milder weather and cooler temperatures, so consider hitting up indoor attractions for the rainy days.

If you want to learn more, be sure to check out our guide of when to visit Italy.

Northern Italy in November

The weather in November in Northern Italy is not going to see much sunny weather. As the weather cools, these areas are preparing for the snow, and the ski resorts or mountain resorts will start experiencing their winter weather that really amps up towards early December.

The Italy’s November weather forecast in this part of the country will settle around 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit for much of November. It’s cool, so bring a warm coat if you’re headed north!

You can still visit areas like Lake Como, but you likely won’t be swimming or boating out there.

Central Italy in November

Starting in Late October and heading into all of November, the big cities are settling down. Wear your water-resistant shoes to check out any outdoor attractions, like touring Rome in November.

Visiting Italy this time of year will certainly be a little wet and chilly, but you can explore Italy and make the most of the colors of the season!

This is often part of the off-season, making a November visit a wonderful time to avoid the crowds. Many locations and attractions are open year round, so bring the entire family!

It’s a quiet month for sure, thanks to fewer visitors. Pack warm clothing and wear layers in case the sun is out. Your temperatures will range from about 45-60 degrees most of the month in this area.

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Southern Italy in November

When you head to the Southern regions of Italy, you will find that you are definitely not in the same region as the central and Northern parts of the country. While there is still plenty of rain, it’s not quite as cool as the ski season in the north, where you find winter season taking over already.

Visiting Italy in November in the South certainly won’t be swimming weather, but you can still visit places like Amalfi Coast and other popular spots. It will just be a different experience than summertime.

The November temperatures from the Amalfi Coast and other parts of Southern Italy will have temperatures that hover right around 55-65 degrees. Plan a long weekend here and cozy up for some relaxation.

The Best Places to Visit in Italy in November

November in Italy

If you want to visit Italy this time of year, you will be looking for more things to do inside. There are still plenty of food festivals, and the white truffle festival is just wrapping up from truffle season. There are plenty of November events, and we will share a few of those in a moment.

You can enjoy the authentic feeling of taking in Italy from a whole different point of view. You will likely spend much of your time inside. The great thing is hotel prices are much lower, so you can enjoy your trip for a relatively low cost.

These are some of our favorite places to visit from November 1st and on:

  • Emilia Romagna
  • Florence
  • Naples
  • Sicily
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Emilia Romagna

Check out delicious food from the local restaurants and see where many of the produce harvests come from in the area. You can experience seasonal produce, check out the olive harvest, and enjoy the local culture.


Florence will be flourishing with events and activities in Italy in November. You can spend time in the art galleries, walk through museums, and head to the countryside for olive groves and vineyards. Stick to the larger towns as many small towns in Italy are starting to close up for the winter.


Naples has awesome Christmas markets and November is when they start to prepare for that market. It’s a great place to visit to simply walk through the narrow streets, enjoy delicious slices of pizza, and see the local historical and cultural sites too.

If you stay here, you might plan a day trip to Pompeii as well.


The Sicily island has a ton of stops you might want to consider. Without the heat and crowds, you can travel through the different cities in Sicily, visit archaeological locations, and explore all the fun towns.

It’s quiet and enjoyable, and many of these places stay open until December.

In addition to these top choices, think about visiting the Vatican museums or the Roman Forum while the crowds are under control. Bundle up and visit Milan to enjoy shopping and sightseeing there too!

Stroll into Tuscany and the Tuscan villages and visit San Gimignano or other great locations in the hilly areas.

Things to Do In Italy in November

November is the time when there are holiday festivities afoot and many seasons to be celebrated. It’s warm and welcoming, but some places do shut down, so just be sure to check for those details before you make any plans.

If you’re looking for fun events to be a part of, you might consider a few of these:

  • All Saints Day: The first day of November is an Italian national holiday where they remember lost loved ones. On Saint’s Day, Italians visit cemeteries to pay respects and leave flowers. Saints Day is a major event in Italy. As a holiday, post offices and major businesses will be closed in Italy. All Souls Day is the following day, and people do more of the same, although it’s not an official holiday.
  • Christmas Market Locations: There are Christmas markets that get set up all over Italy starting in November. It’s a fun place to eat food and do some shopping!
  • Thanksgiving: Enjoy Thanksgiving the Italian way. Even though this is mostly an American holiday, many parts of Italy do things to celebrate, especially in the big cities of Italy.
  • Madonna Della Salute Festival: Where many holidays are geared towards the Virgin Mary in Italy, this festival held the third week is all about “our lady of health”. It’s a religious festival that goes from the Grand Canal to the Church Santa Maria della Salute.

In November, Italy is winding down for the winter and the holidays that come in December. However, we highly recommend checking out some of the Christmas markets as they will be fun, and you can see some really awesome light shows at these as well.

Most festivals are over until next year.

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Visiting Italy in November is Cool and Cozy

Italy in November certainly is a different experience than if you head there during the spring and summer times. Autumn is in full swing, and some of the smaller towns have started closing down for the winter.

That being said, there will still be plenty to do and a mixture of sunny and rainy weather to work around. Enjoy the culture and the indoor sites to make the most of your trip. It will still be an exceptional experience.

And don’t forget, the Italian coffee will keep you warm.

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Is November in Italy Too Cold?

November in Italy certainly can be a bit chilly and rainy, but overall, November is still an enjoyable time to experience Italy.

Is November a Good Time to Visit Italy?

There are fewer crowds and less expensive accommodations this time of year. There will likely be some rain as well. However, it’s still a great time if you’re open to the possibilities.

How Cold is Italy in November?

The weather is definitely autumn weather, with some rain and cooler days. You can expect temperatures to hover around 50-60 degrees in most areas, but it may be slightly cooler in the North and slightly warmer in the South.

Where is the Best Place to Go in Italy in November?

Almost anywhere will be great! You will likely need to stick to larger cities to avoid closures for the winter. If you are looking for more sunnier and warmer days, head to the south to Amalfi Coast or Sicily for example.

Is There a Lot of Rain in Italy in November?

This is one of the rainiest times in Italy, but there will be plenty of sunshine as well.